Mohamad Ramdan

Full-Stack Web & IoT Developer, experienced in developing web-based applications, always excited to learn new tech stuff, ahoNerd, ahoDakara

About Me

Full-Stack web developer. Creating web based applications since 2012. Learned everything by myself. Was mainly using PHP as the back-end with ability to manage sql database to create dynamic web applications.

I enjoy tinkering with IoT projects in my free time to improve my programming skills. I’ve created a number of IoT projects, some of which I showcase on my blog. My go-to tools for these projects are ESP8266 or ESP32, and I program them using either the Arduino IDE or PlatformIO with VSCode.

To enhance my web application development skills, I also learn about some of the latest technologies in the field. This includes Node.js, Vue, Vite, TypeScript, Axios and more.